The Jackson 5
I Want Your Love On Top (feat. Beyoncé)
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Jeff “Vintage Dick” Goldblum in GQ Magazine, September 2014


by Janine Nièpce
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Exciting Photo Illusions at the People Art Gallery


Today we’re going to go on a class trip! *hands out acid*

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Borrowed Space by Parker Woods

~   Robin Williams, World’s Greatest Dad (2009)


Flowers In Progress by Noel Badges Pugh 

Tumblr / Facebook / Behance

Scientific illustrator and artist Noel Badges Pugh has an incredible knack for drawing flora and fauna. He recently illustrated an entire field guide about bees and keeps a regular Tumblr, Art in Progress & Completion, where he posts these tantalizing drawings of buds and blooms. Maybe it’s because this is the coldest winter in 30 years, but I’m spending the rest of my day looking at these.

via Gaks

Canvas  by  andbamnan